Shred our Definition

I thought I should give some insight on where the word Shred came from that we use for Shred Childhood Cancer and my blog Shred in Paradise. Scot and his brother Malik LOVED to skateboard together. So when we started Team Scot we had the conversation of what our main saying should be such as Alex’s Lemonade Stand using “Curing Childhood Cancer, One Cup at a Time” or St. Baldrick’s using “Conquer Childhood Cancers”, it was only natural for us to use a skateboarding term so Scot chose Shred to use in our main saying. We will keep fighting until we Shred Childhood Cancer.

From the Slang Dictionary produced by the  University of Oregon Slang Dictionary the meaning of Shred: “When someone does a really good trick in a really tough area, they are doing so well that they are referred to as shredding the gnar” or “A skater has been skating really well all day and also does a very tough trick very well, one skater may say to him, “yo you really shred the gnar today.” For Team Scot we hope to one day say “We are having a really good day and have finally Shred Childhood Cancer.”

For Team Scot’s logo we have Shred Childhood Cancer with a silhouette of Scot Skateboarding on the saying as if he is Shredding Cancer!


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