Shred in Paradise

Welcome to Shred in Paradise, my name is Trae, and I am new at blogging but very excited to share our story with the world about being Mommie to an angel in heaven that is looking down on us. My son Scot will be forever 22 after he gained his angel wings September 28, 2014 from a Childhood Cancer Rhabdomyosarcoma. His family and friends miss him like crazy every day and we are determined to spread awareness, share our intimate details about our journey in hopes of helping families going through what we did.

We started a nonprofit Team Scot with Scot’s input. I told him I didn’t want to wait until after he was gone to do this, I wanted him to have say and be part of it while he was alive. so, I would give him my ideas and he would tell me what he liked and what he wanted changed. We discussed all the details with his most important detail being, for us to help children and young adults whose insurance will not pay for trial programs. Without these trial programs, medicines and cures will not be discovered. While Scot was in his trial program he met Luis Saravia who was a 24 year old with Rhabdomyosarcoma who wanted to be in the same trial program as Scot but his insurance company would not cover it. Luis gained his angel wings a couple months after their meeting. It devastated Scot and my family as we tried to help get him in the trial program as well. Our mission is to help who and wherever we can.

When it came to choosing our logo and the saying Shred Childhood Cancer it was easy for us, Scot and his brother Malik are HUGE skateboard fanatics so having skateboarding as our mantra was a no brainer. That is also why I chose Shred in Paradise as my blog name to keep with the mantra, plus I know Scot is skating his heart out up there and is with his brother Malik as he skateboards here on earth.

Scot wasn’t the only one who got childhood cancer, we as his family did as well. We have a very unique family dynamic that I will be sharing with you to show how much my family means and should come together for one thing and an one thing only, to support Scot in every way possible!

Spreading awareness, sharing the facts as well as what we’ve learned throughout our journey with Scot is something that needs to be told in hopes of other families knowing they are not alone.

This is just a brief background of what will be shared, about who and why! I hope you’re as ready as I am to follow an amazing and incredible story despite the grim out come and how one family is on a mission to turn this into a positive story and ending.


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